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Does truth matter? Andrew Petiprin argues that truth not only matters, but grounding your life on the ancient truths of the Bible is the way to a better life. Discovering the true answers to the age-old questions, Who is God? and Who am I? will help us flourish. 

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“We live in an uncertain and constantly changing world, where we need stability of the deep truths of the Christian faith and the promise of God’s guaranteed grace more than ever. With insight, joy, clarity, wit, and wisdom, Andrew guides us through the ancient doctrines that have served Christ’s church for centuries and shows how these truths connect to our lives.”

Justin S. Holcomb

Episcopal priest, seminary professor, and author

“Deeply personal, intellectually acute, biblically rooted, and spiritually passionate, Truth Matters is a conversionary primer of the Christian faith for all stages of belief. Petitprin writes with ease and seriousness, drawing the reader into the high stakes of God’s life and work in Christ, bringing them to bear on common life, but without sacrificing the profundity of their substance.  An uncommonly good book for personal reading and group teaching.​”

Ephraim Radner

Professor of Historical Theology, Wycliffe College, Toronto

About Andrew

Andrew Petiprin is an Episcopal priest, and author of the book Truth Matters: Knowing God and Yourself, forthcoming from New Growth Press. Andrew is a regular contributor to The Living Church magazine and the Covenant weblog, among other publications. His passion is in exploring the intersection of Christianity and culture, and he has written frequently on beauty and on topics related to current events and faith. Andrew is a lifelong Christian, and became an Anglican in 2002 while a Marshall Scholar at Magdalen College, Oxford.

Andrew and his wife, Amber, live in Nashville, Tennessee with their two children, Alex and Aimee, and their two cats, Kingsley and Remy.

Follow him on Twitter @andrewpetiprin and on Instagram @andrewpetiprin

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