Conserving the West

Sir Roger Scruton was born four years after Winston Churchill’s encouragement to his people after Dunkirk. Scruton is unabashedly Western and English. He is a nationalist and Christian, and he is extremely skeptical of the post-war values that have subsumed his society and culture. He worries about the West, and in his advancing years he is increasingly unafraid to explain why. He said in an interview in 2015, “If you’re a philosopher who is self-employed at the end of his career, then it’s pointless to engage in self-censorship. It’s great, I can just say what is true.” And what Scruton believes to be true is that the people Churchill said would “fight on, if necessary for years, if necessary alone” are hanging themselves in a noose of well-intentioned (and Western) tolerance and multiculturalism. Three of Sir Roger’s recent books explore these themes in different ways.

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Andrew Petiprin is a Catholic writer and former Episcopal priest. He is the author of Truth Matters: Knowing God and Yourself.